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Discover your treasure from one of the oldest corners of the world.

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WithLove Pouch

A handmade leather pouch full of handcrafted treasures. From Armenia, with love.

Gevorg Tigranyan and  Alina Davtyan founded Al Kashi shortly after their wedding in 2006. After noticing his wife’s penchant for sewing and design, Gevorg decided to take their partnership to the next level by starting a family business with arguably the most authentically “Yerevanian” location for their store: Vernissage, the iconic outdoor artists’ market in Armenia’s capital. Today, their customer base spans the globe.

Alina learned traditional sewing techniques from her mother and grandmother starting from when she was 12 years old. Many of her designs are inspired by Armenian motifs.

Al Kashi specially designed and crafted the WithLove Pouch using organic leather. No two pouches are the same because of the natural variance in the stress of the leather. Each pouch is hand-stitched and the leftover leather is used to make bracelets.

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