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Discover your treasure from one of the oldest corners of the world.

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Handmade recycled stationary from the Armenian Genocide monument. From Armenia, with love.

The mission of the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) is to protect Armenia’s unique flora and fauna through the use of the newest and most modern technologies, community development, and eco-education.

Every April, FPWC and its volunteers hand-process and dry the stems and petals from the hundreds of thousands of flowers laid at the Tsitsernakabert Genocide Memorial. The petals are used to create compost that is used on the grounds of the Genocide Memorial Park, and the stems are used to make handmade recycled paper that is used by the Genocide Museum for its official correspondence. This process produces a very limited paper supply, so it is rarely sold--but when it is, all proceeds directly benefit the work of FPWC.

FPWC specially created our delicate stationery set to include one envelope, one folded card and one flat card.

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