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Discover your treasure from one of the oldest corners of the world.



Wild peppermint-oil infused candle by Saroyan, a division of Shabeeg.

Meet Mary and the other artisans who have handcrafted the exquisite wearable, edible and smellable products in this year's collection.

Saroyan “Armenian Mountain” candle by Shabeeg
Saroyan is a sub-brand of Shabeeg, a popular apparel brand in Armenia focused on locally designed contemporary prints inspired by Armenian motifs, symbols, pop culture and history. Ever-inspired founder Mary Sukiasyan decided to start her Saroyan line of scented candles in 2016 in an attempt to “capture the scent of Armenia in a jar.”

Our edition of Saroyan’s ‘Armenian Mountain’ candle is hand-poured into a tin and contains wild peppermint essential oil, though previous iterations have also included thyme. All materials and ingredients were made in Armenia.

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