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The Story

We want to bring you handcrafted, sustainable products from Armenia (with love).

Anyone who has traveled outside their hometown knows that we live in a world full of undiscovered wonder. Most of us will not have even scratched the surface of what there is to be seen, tasted, heard, worn and experienced on our planet by the end of our lives. The Internet has given us unprecedented access to each other's everyday realities around the globe--but nothing beats going to the source. is our way of bringing you treasure that speaks volumes from one of the oldest, yet only just burgeoning corners of the world: Armenia. Maybe you've been there already--or maybe you've never even heard of it. Trust us, it's an ancient beauty--and its people's hands are weathered and wise.

In 2015, we brought you the WithLove Box and 5 other handmade gems from Armenia. After selling out our inventory, we decided we didn't need to look further for signs that we should continue what we started and released a second collection in 2016.

In 2017,  we partnered with 6 more incredible artisans to bring you 250 limited edition sets housed inside of our WithLove Tote. 

As with all our collections, we believe you will love each handcrafted item and feel like you've journeyed to the little country that could without leaving your doorstep. Keep all the items to yourself, or spread the love and gift them to the people who inspire you most.

From Armenia, to you, with love.